November 2013

Pearlridge Center iPhone Repair Kiosk

Black or white screen on your iPhone 5?  You might need a new LCD.

iPhone 5 Repair experts 808-955-7755

Tech Armor-Hawaii’s fast convenient iPhone repair and unlock experts.  Pearlridge Center Uptown II in front of the new Ross.

If you are looking for a fast reliable and trustworthy location to repair your iPhone, iPod, or iPad we are the place for you.



Repairing is Recycling

Repairing is Recycling

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The most common repair that we see is the front glass. In the iPhone 4/S and iPhone 5/c/S the screen and the LCD come together as a combo so although your LCD(the picture) may be fine we still replace both. We have seen every kind of situation you can think that has lead to a broken screen. From someone dropping their iPhone off the back of their motorcycle and having it get run over to having it slip off a ledge.

Some people have also had their screens break by having one of the weights fall on it at the gym. Its unfortunate to hear these stories but what makes it all well is when we see the smile on our customer’s face when they see their iPhone repaired and in most cases looking as good as new.

Some of the other repairs we offer are replacing the battery once the phones don’t hold a charge like they use to. If its not charging period often times its the charging port that needs to be replaced. We also can replace the back glass on the iPhone 4/S and we have a pretty cool selection of different colors from red, pink, orange, blue. So if you want to show off some personalization on your iPhone we can help.

One of the other common repairs we see is the home button not responding or getting stuck. People complain of being annoyed that Siri will accidentally get activated or certain pages will get opened. Some people try and use the activator which is simply like a home button that appears on the screen, that has its limitations. So if you want your home button fuctioning as it should then replacing the ribbon most of the time corrects that problem. It may seem like a small repair but to do this we actually have to take the phone apart as if we were replacing the screen. We’ve done it hundreds of times but it does take a little bit of labor and keeping track of all those small screws.

We can also replace the top and bottom speaker if you can’t hear anything or the microphone isn’t recording or when you talk to people they can’t hear you on the other end. Did I also mention that if you encounter a problem and you don’t know what it is we will diagnose your problem for FREE. Once we identify the problem we will give you a quote and its up to you if its worth repairing. In most cases most repairs will run you around $59 bucks which is a lot cheaper than purchasing a new phone. Not only that but you can feel good knowing that you are doing your part to help then environment and keep more electronics out of our already full landfills. We like to say “Repairing is Recycling.”

A couple of other repairs we offer are the power button, its its getting stuck and you can’t turn the phone off, the vibrate motor and switch, the volume up and down buttons. If your frame is bent or chipped and you want a new one we can replace that as well. If your iPhone suffered water damage we can diagnose it as well and most times we can resuscitate it back to life. You see we can pretty much repair almost everything on the iPhone. We also carry some pretty cool accessories that may prevent your iPhone from being damaged in the future, extending the life of your iPhone and saving you time and money.

If you have any questions about our services by all means please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a ring. We are open 7 days a week Mon-Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 10am-6pm. Our number is 808-955-7755.

October 2013

Tech Armor Pearl Ridge Center

Now Open at Pearl Ridge Uptown II in front of the new Ross. Come on by and let us be your one stop shop for all your cell phone repair, unlock and accessory needs. You can reach us at 808-955-7755.

Hawaii's fast convenient cell phone repair and unlock experts.

Hawaii’s fast convenient cell phone repair and unlock experts.


January 2013

Hawaiian Local Style iPhone/Galaxy Cases

Hawaii’s fast convenient iPhone, iPod, iPad & Samsung Galaxy S repair/unlock center:808-955-7470

Show your pride or love for the Hawaiian Islands with some of these unique 808 cases.  We have them in stock for your iPhone 4/S, iPhone 5 and the popular Samsung Galaxy S3.  No matter where you are in the world, with one of these cool custom local style cases you carry a piece of  Hawaii with you to show off.  Call us today at 808-955-7470 for all your cell phone repair, unlocks and accessory needs.

Hawaiian Local Style 808 Cases for iPhone

Hawaiian Local Style 808 Cases for iPhone

October 2012

Scratch-Proof Your iPhone 5

Jordan doing a quick demo of how to install Clear Coat on the totally awesomely new iPhone 5.
[youtube] Invisibly Scratch-Proof your device
Utilizes Patented Thin-Film Technology
Doesn’t leave sticky residue or smudges
Works with Touchscreens

We carry a large selection of Clearcoat for today’s most popular smartphones, tablets, and even for MacBooks. Call us or come on down to our Ala Moana Center location and protect your device today.

September 2011

iPHONE Dilemma & A Few Stories


I’m sure you have heard all the rumors spreading through the internet about the launch date of the new iPhone 5 or iPHone 4S.  There are even videos claiming to have prototypes of the new device.  One thing we know for sure is that Apple is usually tight lip about any information leaking out.  Some people are saying that orders will start sometime this month and delivery of the new idevice in early Oct.  Other rumors talk about production problems and meeting the demand.  I have a dilemma because my iPhone 4 is in almost new condition.  I am very happy with it but I am one of those individuals who like to have the newest electronic devices.  I guess I consider myself an early adapter.  I know that there are people out there with the opposite dilemma and that dilemma is that they have a broken button, speaker, or screen and they are holding off for the new iPHone instead of investing some cash to fix their broken iPhone.  I can tell you one scenario where its win/win.  Lets say you have a broken screen on your iPhone 3gs.  For $65 bucks you can fix it, have it up and running.   You can use it once again and when the new device comes out you could potentially sell your old one for a couple of hundred bucks. If you are due for an upgrade and all you need to put down is the $199 for the new 2 year renewal then that old iPhone just paid for your new iPhone.

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The beauty about Apple products is how well they maintain their value.  Its definitely worth fixing them.  If you have any problems from hardware to software issues we are here to help you out.  We have fixed thousands of iPhones and iPods.  We pretty much have seen it all from the iPhone that was dropped out of a moving vehicle to the angry girlfriend who hurled it against a concrete barrier to the iPhone that’s taken a dive on the waters of Waikiki Beach.  We can trouble shoot your device if you don’t know what’s wrong with it and give you a free quote if you want to figure out if its worth fixing or not.  Most repairs average around $50 bucks.

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We are located at Hawaii’s most popular outdoor mall(The Ala Moana Shopping Center) and the shopping destination for people visiting our beautiful islands.  We have served customers from all corners of the world as far away as Saudi Arabia, India, Japan and our friends down under in Australia.  I even had an Australian sailor email me letting me know that her aircraft carrier would be pulling into Pearl Harbor in a couple of days and booked her iPhone 3gS screen repair online.  I’m glad we were able to keep this sailor and ally texting and multi tasking once again.  We’ve had others who have been in despair because their wedding pictures were stored away in their iPhone that no longer powered on.

Memories are priceless










We solved the problem and were able to save their pictures and to see the screen light up again and see this precious moment recaptured by having the customer show us their wedding pictures as the wife cried with joy.  Its a once in a lifetime rewarding experience.  Should you need our repair services, plan on traveling overseas, have software issues or just have a question please feel free to give us a call at 808-955-7470

We Love iPhones

May 2011

Got Cell Phone Issues?

Don’t let a broken screen or locked phone keep you from staying connected.  We save you time and money.  Let Tech Armor unlock your cell phone potential.  808-955-7470

Tech Armor Can Help

“Where can i get my Verizon or Sprint phone unlocked for Mobi? Tech Armor”

April 2011

Blackberry Buggin? Tech Armor Can Help!

Ala Moana Center


Having problems with your trackball, trackpad, LCD fading out or broken screen?  We can fix all that.  We can also unlock your Blackberry.

Hawaii's Blackbery Repair Center

Come Check us out! or Call 808-955-7470

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March 2010

Hawaii’s Choice For iPhone Repairs and Services

****Super Fast iPhone 3G or 3GS Repairs ****

We are conveniently located at the Ala Moana Center!

  • Free Parking
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  • Most Repairs within an HOUR!

Do You have a cracked screen or LCD that needs to be replaced?

Tech Armor
We fix broken iPhone screens

Does your power button or home button not work?

Tech Armor Fixes iPhone Power Buttons
Power Up with Tech Armor

Is your back casing scratched up or cracked?

Make Your iPhone Like New Again
Like New Again

Does the vibrate button not work on your iPhone?

Get that Vibration Back
Feel the Vibration Again

Does your iPhone not hold a charge?

New Tech Armor Battery Replacement

Does your iPhone drop calls?

We can repair all of these hardware problems and software issues as well

We also unlock/jailbreak iPhones

Tech Armor Unlock Service

Give us a call for a free quote and you will see that we are the best choice for iPhone repairs and services.

Fast and Conveniently located at the Ala Moana Center

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We are a kiosk located between Foodland and McDonald’s on the Mauka side lower level:

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