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January 2014

iPhone 5 Screen Dropped?


If you enjoyed your Pro Bowl weekend a little too much and happened to drop your iPhone 5 there is hope. The screen as many people have found out is not shatter proof. It will crack.

If you don’t want to hassle with trying to set up an online appointment at Apple and hoping your schedule is open for the time slot an alternative is to bring it to one of our convenient locations either at Tech Armor in the Pearlridge Center at 808-955-7755 or Tech Armor Ala Moana at 808-955-7470. Most repairs take under an hour. We are open 7 days a week. All our repairs come with a 90 day warranty. Give us a call and find out for yourself how fast and convenient we are.


October 2013

Grand Opening

Two convenient locations. We have a 2nd location at Pearl Ridge Mall. Its located on the 2nd level Uptown II in front of the new Ross store.  Shop while we repair your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Give us a call today 808-955-7755.

October 2013

Tech Armor Pearl Ridge Center

Now Open at Pearl Ridge Uptown II in front of the new Ross. Come on by and let us be your one stop shop for all your cell phone repair, unlock and accessory needs. You can reach us at 808-955-7755.

Hawaii's fast convenient cell phone repair and unlock experts.

Hawaii’s fast convenient cell phone repair and unlock experts.


June 2013

Cell Phone Repair Experts

Feeling a little frustrated because your precious smartphone took a dive or landed on the side walk.  We can offer some relief with a FREE diagnosis.  We are Hawaii’s fast convenient cell phone repair and unlock experts.  We specialize on repairing iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S.

We are open 7 Days a week

Two convenient locations

Ala Moana Shopping Center 808-955-7470

Pearlridge Center 808-955-7755

We thank our customers for choosing us Honolulu’s Best in electronics equipment repair for 2 years in a row. 

"Adios Cracked Screen"

“Adios Cracked Screen”


January 2013

Hawaiian Local Style iPhone/Galaxy Cases

Hawaii’s fast convenient iPhone, iPod, iPad & Samsung Galaxy S repair/unlock center:808-955-7470

Show your pride or love for the Hawaiian Islands with some of these unique 808 cases.  We have them in stock for your iPhone 4/S, iPhone 5 and the popular Samsung Galaxy S3.  No matter where you are in the world, with one of these cool custom local style cases you carry a piece of  Hawaii with you to show off.  Call us today at 808-955-7470 for all your cell phone repair, unlocks and accessory needs.

Hawaiian Local Style 808 Cases for iPhone

Hawaiian Local Style 808 Cases for iPhone

November 2012

iPhone/MacBook Repairs & Unlocks-Ala Moana Shopping Center

fast and convenient cell phone and laptop repairs.

fast friendly and convenient cell phone/laptop repairs.

We are Hawaii’s Fast Convenient iPhone, iPod and iPad repair, unlocking and accessory center. 808-955-7470

We have popular accessory brands like Otterbox, Ballistic, and Lifeproof.

We do factory unlocks for all iPhone models. We can also unlock Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and LG.

We carry a wide variety of Clear Coat polyurethane protectors for today’s most popular devices.

We have repaired thousands of iPhones. From a broken screen to replacing batteries or updating your firmware, we can help.

Call us today, we offer FREE diagnosis


October 2012

Tsunami Warning For Hawaii Waikiki

We are experiencing a Tsunami warning in the state of Hawaii. If you are out and about trying to celebrate Halloween, this warning may add to the excitement. The all clear has not be given. Have fun and stay safe. It’s certainly to early to tell.

Should you suffer damage to your iPhone either from a drop or it goes under water from a Martini we can help. Land or Sea we are HAWAII’S #1 choice for your iPhone, iPod, iPad repair needs.

Give us a call and should the all clear be given we’ll be open tomorrow, Sunday at 10am-7pm. We’re located in the Ala Moana Shopping Center 808-955-7755.



October 2012

Scratch-Proof Your iPhone 5

Jordan doing a quick demo of how to install Clear Coat on the totally awesomely new iPhone 5.

Invisibly Scratch-Proof your device
Utilizes Patented Thin-Film Technology
Doesn’t leave sticky residue or smudges
Works with Touchscreens

We carry a large selection of Clearcoat for today’s most popular smartphones, tablets, and even for MacBooks. Call us or come on down to our Ala Moana Center location and protect your device today.

September 2012

Any Hello Kitty Fans Out There?

Check out this cute Hello Kitty case for your iPhone 4/S.  Makes a great gift for that special someone or even better yet, treat yourself.  Com’n you deserve it.  If not you how about showing your iPhone some love and protecting it at the same time. Now available at Tech Armor.

Meow! This Kitty’s Got Your iPhone’s Back

September 2012

What’s To Love About the iPhone 5?

So what did you think of the release of the new iPhone 5?  Well its got a sleek new design.  Its got a taller yet not wider screen.  Its a full 4 inches, they didn’t get away from the universal idea of the thumb being the main determinant on the width and height of the design.  I agree that this feature is super important.  What this tells me is that Apple stayed true to the idea that its about simplicity and ease of use.  Its new sleek design yet still remaining in both black and white stays true to their simplicity of product offers.

New Sleek Design-Lighter Faster


Some people may complain about the new charging port going away from the 30 pin iPod design that first came out in 2003 to the new lightning design digital connection.  I know what are you going to do with all those accessories that have the 30 pin plug.  Well apple has designed an adapter and I will say that almost a decade of the 30 pin is a long time in this day and age.  I also agree with Apple that so much is now wireless from speakers to data transfer.  Another cool feature about the new iPhone 5 is the speed of its processor.  The new A6 chip is up to 2.5 times faster than the A5.  So the three things I see from this new iPhone is that its lighter, faster, bigger display.  Now my question is that are all these enough reasons to go out get that new iPhone 5 if you already have an iPhone 4S?  I don’t know about you but I am definitely getting it.  I like both the black and white but I am leaning more toward the white iPhone 5.  One more thing I left out was that its also going to run the LTE data network which means faster data download making your internet experience all the better.  What I am not looking forward to is standing in the long lines waiting to get my hands on my iPhone 5.  If you are planning on getting yours on the 21st of September which is when it will start going on sale at Apple retail stores and on the 14th online.  Bring water, good comfortable shoes and some patience.

Taller Screen & Faster Processor


August 2012

Decorative iPhone Case

Check out this colorful decorative iPhone case

Source: via Tech on Pinterest

August 2012

Beautiful Camera Themed iPhone Cases

Source: via Tech on Pinterest

August 2012

WIN a FREE iPhone Factory Unlock

Check this out, since our customers have made us Hawaii’s #1 convenient choice for iPhone repairs & unlocks.  We wanted to say thank you to our customers and this is how we are doing it.

We are going to give away 5 FREE factory unlocks.  All you have to do is click HERE and it will take you to the link where you can enter to win.  Spread the word and increase your chances of winning.  We will announce the winners next Friday the 31st of Aug 2012.  You can also click on the picture to take you to the sign up page.  Once again thanks giving us the chance to service your iPhone, iPod or iPad.  Good luck.

Win a FREE iPhone Factory Unlock

August 2012

.99 Cent iPhone 4/S Color Conversion

June 2012

Apple iPhone 4 Factory Unlock Service

Fast & Convenient


A factory unlock makes your iPhone able to be used on other carriers.  Most of the time when people buy their iPhone its locked to the carrier they purchased from.  That’s how a lot of people were able to get it at an affordable price like $199-$299.  The catch is that often people have to sign a 2 year contract.  Those that buy their iPhones already unlocked usually pay a much higher price.  The majority of the iPhones out in the marketplace are locked to their original carrier. People who are either off their contract or are secondary owners of the iPhone but on another carrier like Tmobile or Simple Mobile to give an example often have to resort to software(jailbreaks) that are temporary in nature and have a lot of drawbacks like being tethered(means that if you turn the phone off or let the battery die, you have to do all kinds of steps to get it back up and running).  Other people use GEVEY chips as an alternate.  In some cases people lose some of the functions on the iPhone as Apple tries to block such hacks and puts out new iOS firmware updates.  Not being able to update your iPhone to the latest firmware often means these individuals miss out on some of new tools and capabilities of their iPhone.

You can see how this can be cumbersome and a pain in the you know what.  The factory unlock solution fixes all of this.  Its a permanent unlock which means you can be on the latest firmware, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone, you use it on any GSM carrier that can support the iPhone on their network.  Most of all its a permanent unlock solution.

iPhone 4 Factory Unlock

If you want your iPhone unlocked, I highly recommend the factory unlock solution as the best choice.  We are happy to offer this very important service to our customers.  Its fast & convenient.  You can even request the service from the comfort of your home.  Simply go to our website and fill out the order form.  Once we receive your payment we will process the order and send you the unlock code along with instructions in as little as 1-7 days.iPhone 4S Factory Unlock


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